Neil Baird (Chair), Founder and Chairman, Baird Publications

Neil Baird is the Chair of the WOC Board of Directors. He has been a member of the Board since 2012, serving a number of roles including as Director. Mr Baird is the Founder and Chairman of Baird Maritime Group, and worked for many years as the Editor-in-Chief of Baird Publications, one of the world’s leading marine publishing companies. He is a member of the Navy League of Australia’s Federal Advisory Council, a founding member of the Australian Fisheries Academy, the former Director of the Australian Shipbuilders Association and the former Secretary of the Australian Maritime Network. He worked to establish and served as the Chairman of the Australian Marine Environment Protection Association. Mr. Baird also serves as a Roving Ambassador to INTERMPEA (The International Marine Environment Protection Association).

Mr. Baird has consistently advocated close management of fisheries to maximize their sustainable economic, environmental, cultural and social benefits. He is a strong supporter of the Australian shipbuilding industry, Australian ship and boat exports, and efforts to clean and sustainably develop the ocean.

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