Ocean Economy & Future Technology Conference

February 11, 2019 - February 13, 2019
Muscat, Oman

WOC CEO Paul Holthus attended the Ocean Economy & Future Technology Conference as Organizing Partner, Moderator and Speaker in Muscat, Oman, on 11-13 February.

The international “Ocean Economy and Future Technology” Conference took place on 11-13 February 2019 in Muscat, Oman. This groundbreaking event for Oman provided ocean businesses, investors and decision-makers with the information needed to foster investment and innovation for harnessing the Ocean Economy.

Oman is seeking ocean industry and investment partners to work with its commitment of substantial in-country investment capital to advance ocean sustainable development of the country’s ocean economic potential, and has engaged the World Ocean Council in its effort.

For details: https://madmimi.com/p/587d9d