Young Ocean Professionals

The Young Ocean Professionals Initiative is a global, multi-sectoral and educational network to catalyze and leverage sustainability in the Ocean Business Community.

The Ocean Business Community is becoming more aware of the importance of sustainable and responsible use of the oceans. In parallel with the crucial progress being made on these issues, such as the Sustainable Development Goal on Ocean (SDG14), a vibrant new generation is emerging. This generation is aware that sustainable development can foster economic development and is convinced that the oceans are the first priority for action on “Corporate Ocean Responsibility”.

To gather these change-makers from all over the world and from all sectors, WOC has developed a global, multi-sectoral network of Young Professionals from the ocean business community willing to:

  • Better understand the ocean ecosystems and biodiversity, the state of the ocean and the impact of economic activity on ocean health
  • Be familiar with environmental and sustainable development challenges and opportunities for the ocean
  • Ensure that their work and their company are a part of securing a healthy ocean and sustainable ocean economy through Corporate Ocean Responsibility

Join the Young Ocean Professionals Initiative!

The Young Ocean Professionals Initiative is open to professionals under the age of 40 and

1. Working at an ocean-related business or industry company, or on ocean-related issues in the private sector (e.g. commodities, consumer goods, finance, insurance, law, etc.)

2. Studying at graduate level with an interest in ocean business/industry related issues

Do you want to act for a more sustainable ocean industry? Are you interested in sustainability of the oceans and would you like to be part of a global dynamic group driven by innovation?

This year, you can join the network of Young Ocean Professionals (YOP) to meet the next generation of ocean business leaders and pair with the movement to make the change.

Join the Young Ocean Professionals!

As a YOP member, you will be:

  • Part of a network: create synergies and foster sustainability and innovation alongside with people with the same passions and with different expertise; co-create and collaborate on concrete projects with different communities (scientific, governmental, NGOs, academy,…). The Young Ocean Professionals are connected to many other youth and sustainability oriented networks, to foster Ocean Sustainable Development.
  • Entitled to significant discounted fees for WOC SOS and WOC events.
  • Accessing information and resources (reports, documents, events, job offers, …) on sustainability and the maritime industry, thanks to a collaborative network.
  • Highlighting your skills and competences regarding sustainability and the maritime industry and fulfill your career aspiration thanks to the information and trends shared by the network and the advice from skilled mentors.

YOP Registration Fees:

  • US$30/year if you are affiliated to WOC Corporate Members.
  • US$60/year if you are not affiliated to WOC Corporate Members.

Young Ocean Professionals events

Working as a global network of people motivated to foster the change, the YOP Initiative is strongly reliant on online collaborations and global conferences and events.

The Young Ocean Professionals members meet annually at the WOC Sustainable Ocean Summit. Every year, a workshop is coordinated by Young Ocean Professionals on relevant topics. The SOS gives YOP members the opportunity to meet, discuss and share ideas on ocean sustainable development and innovation with senior professionals to foster corporate ocean responsibility.

Young Ocean Professionals benefit from an important discount fee for the Sustainable Ocean Summit.

We invite you to participate in or to organize YOP local events. Conferences and co-hosted networking events are valuable opportunities to meet Young Professionals from different sectors and to share ideas on sustainability of the oceans. We are working on organizing events with partners and providing our members the opportunity to attend central events on sustainable development with discounted fees.

YOP Initiative events are open also to non-members upon invitation.

Join the Young Ocean Professionals!

Young Ocean Professionals Projects

Young Ocean Professionals represent a new generation, trying to shift the focus regarding ocean sustainable development. The network gathers skilled and innovative members, ready to take action. Projects and documents are to be conducted and produced by the YOP members on topics and areas they are passionate about.

Every year, the YOPs work on a different theme, linked to the programs of the WOC. As a YOP member, bring your voice to the discussion to define this thematic.

The Young Ocean Professionals Initiative offers the opportunity to know more about projects implemented in your area and grants/calls for proposals that could help you in establishing your own ocean governance projects.

For more information on the Initiative or the thematic, contact