Updates on WOC Europe and Polar Operations

WOC Europe partners with the EU Polar Cluster booth’ in the world’s leading maritime trade fair (SMM Hamburg, 6-9 September 2022), and proudly announces publication in the Maritime Executive of an article about voluntary observations in the Arctic.

Join us at the session Operations in ice-covered waters: How can the maritime industry benefit from cooperation with science? on 8 September from 13:35 to 14:35 at the Green Transition Stage, HALL 4/Stand 309. The session is moderated by Christine Valentin, WOC Europe’s Executive Director.

As a key partner in numerous EU Arctic projects, WOC Europe partners with the EU Polar Cluster in its participation in SMM Hamburg 2022 (6-9 September). On this occasion, the last ARICE meeting for cooperation between polar science and maritime industry will be held, as a stage session focused on operations in ice-covered waters.

Maritime traffic in the polar regions (and especially in the Arctic Ocean) has expanded rapidly over the last decade representing both challenges and opportunities for the sector. Several EU-funded projects of the EU-Polar Cluster, such as EU-PolarNet 2 and ARICE, are engaged in collaborating with the maritime industry to ensure safe operations in ice-covered waters notably by:

  • Identifying the most pressing research needs for the maritime industry sector
  • Ensuring that data collected for navigational purposes is transferred to national and international databases, and
  • Facilitating other kinds of collaborations tailored to the measures and possibilities of participating industries.

The aim of this panel discussion is to identify the most pressing research needs for the maritime industry sector operating in the polar regions and discuss possibilities for industry-science cooperation. In addition, a questionnaire on research prioritization will be available to stakeholders to fill in on-site. The collected data will then aid EU-funded projects in their focus on research and search for potential new ways for collaboration between maritime industry and European researchers.

Meet us on the EU Polar Cluster Booth (HALL 4/Booth 332) and join our stage session. For more information and to get your voucher code for a reduced admission price to the SMM (30€ day ticket), please contact: program.support@oceancouncil.org.

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Finally, the Maritime Executive, a long-term partner of WOC, published an article about ways the maritime private sector can voluntarily contribute to environmental data collection in the Arctic Ocean. This article was coordinated by WOC Europe and co-authored by Christine Valentin, as part of its involvement in ARICE’s Ships and Platforms and Opportunity programme.

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