SOS 2015 Program & Report

The World Ocean Council held its third Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS) in Singapore in November 2015. Over 200 participants gathered to discuss the role of the ocean business community in addressing critical marine environment and sustainability challenges. SOS 2015 brought together a wide range of industries involved in the use of marine space and marine resources, including shipping, fishing, oil and gas, aquaculture, ports, mining, renewable energy, tourism, dredging, marine science and technology, maritime law, insurance, finance and others. Attendees were primarily high-ranking executives and senior environment and sustainability officers from the Ocean Business Community. Representatives of international organizations, government agencies, and academic research institutions were also in attendance.

The theme of SOS 2015 was “Sustainable Development and Growing the Blue Economy – the next 50 years”. The conference sought to build on the highly successful discussions held at SOS 2010 in Belfast and SOS 2013 in Washington DC. It was held at a crucial time for leadership and collaboration on ocean sustainability, coming just after the United Nations’ adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and just prior to the Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) that took place in Paris the following month.

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