About Us

The World Ocean Council (WOC) is a global, cross-sectoral ocean industry leadership alliance committed to “Corporate Ocean Responsibility”, developed by and for the private sector, with a unique and multi-sectoral approach to address cross-cutting issues affecting ocean sustainable development, science and stewardship of the seas.

The WOC believes that responsible and coordinated Ocean Business Community efforts are essential to a healthy and productive global ocean and its sustainable use, development and stewardship by a responsible Ocean Business Community.

To this end, the WOC engages and brings together leaders from the various ocean industries, including shipping, oil and gas, fisheries, aquaculture, tourism, renewable energy (wind, wave, tidal), ports, dredging, cables, as well as the maritime legal, financial and insurance communities, and others to collaborate on responsible use of the seas. We ensure that the Ocean Business Community’s role in ocean sustainable development is understood by all relevant stakeholders (decision makers, policy makers, intergovernmental bodies etc.).

The WOC is growing steadily, as an increasing number and range of ocean industry companies from around the world are distinguishing themselves as leaders in “Corporate Ocean Responsibility” by joining the WOC. More broadly, the continually expanding global WOC network includes 35,000+ ocean industry and media stakeholders around the world.

  • The Organization

    The WOC was launched in 2010 as a nonprofit organization to advance industry leadership and collaboration in ocean sustainable development, science and stewardship. The WOC is an international organization registered […]
  • Mission

    The World Ocean Council brings together the multi-sector Ocean Business Community to catalyze global leadership and collaboration in ocean sustainability and “Corporate Ocean Responsibility”. The WOC provides responsible companies from […]
  • Impact

    The WOC is the only international organization bringing together leaders from a wide range of ocean industries to collaborate on achieving the goal of a healthy, productive global ocean and […]
  • Partnerships & Key Stakeholders

    The strength of the WOC lies in its global network and connectivity. Our network of 35,000+ ocean industry stakeholders continues to grow. The breadth of our partnerships, including intergovernmental bodies, […]
  • Testimonials

    A growing number of companies, intergovernmental organizations and associations share the WOC’s vision of a healthy and productive ocean and its sustainable use and stewardship by responsible businesses. Here is […]