WOC Research, Academic, Scientific Institution Members

The World Ocean Council is working along with its community to advance ocean sustainable development, science and stewardship of the sea. WOC Research, Academic, and Scientific Institution Members are eager to foster sustainable development of the ocean, and are willing to engage in “Corporate Ocean Responsibility.”

Join the WOC as a Research, Academic, and Scientific Institutions Member (Organization Membership)

WOC Members are organizations ready to act for ocean sustainability and who believe that the Ocean community plays a central role in stewardship of the Ocean.

As a WOC Member, you’ll be part of a cross-sectoral community bringing together leaders from various ocean industries, including shipping, oil and gas, fisheries, aquaculture, tourism, renewable energy (wind, wave, tidal), ports, dredging, cables, as well as the maritime legal, financial and insurance communities, and others, collaborating on responsible use of the seas. WOC Members benefit from the opportunity to meet and interact with representatives from ocean industries on common environmental issues. Increased and improved relationships among ocean business sectors enhance the potential for inter-industry collaboration.

Research, Academic, Scientific Institutions Members are invited to take part in all WOC programs and frameworks, to join working groups and become project leaders in the sustainable development of the ocean. More information on these opportunities can be found throughout our website.

WOC Organization Members Benefits


The WOC works with its Members to monitor, analyze and report on policy developments affecting ocean industries, especially those which affect many stakeholders and those which are not sector-specific. WOC creates “early warnings” to alert Members to the need and opportunity for providing timely information or involvement.

The WOC believes that early informed engagement helps avoid unbalanced, ill-informed, unworkable policy decisions and helps achieve “win-win” ocean sustainability solutions, based on science and educated stakeholders.

  • Access to the members-only WOC reports on ocean sustainability, policy, emerging issues, and other developments affecting the future of ocean business.
  • Direct access to WOC expertise and advisory services on ocean issues, stakeholders and policy developments.
  • Access to the members-only content of the WOC website.


  • Member logo and link displayed on the WOC website.


  • Automatic participation in WOC platforms and projects.
  • Automatic participation in WOC forums and meetings, studies, and workshops.
  • Receipt of WOC publications, documents and promotional materials.
  • Opportunities to network with other WOC Members at national, regional and international levels.
  • Business development opportunities for companies offering environmentally friendly goods and services relevant to ocean industries.
  • Involvement in key international conferences: the WOC facilitates Member involvement in key national and international ocean policy and management fora.
  • Reduced registration fee for the WOC “Sustainable Ocean Summit” and other WOC organized events.

How to join the WOC As a Research, Academic, Scientific Institution

We welcome ocean Research, Academic, Scientific Institutions to become Members of the WOC by:

1. Agreeing to the “WOC Member Statement

2. Submitting the “WOC Member Contribution Pledge

3. Submitting their WOC Member Contribution.

WOC Membership Year

The WOC Membership runs 12 months.

For new Members, the membership commences in the month during which the written commitment to join is made.

Annual Member Contributions

Members pay an annual contribution. The table below indicates the annual membership contribution and fees for each category of WOC membership. For further information, you can contact the WOC using the inquiry form in the page footer. If you would like to join the WOC, please contact info@oceancouncil.org.

Membership Category Annual Contribution (USD)
All 1,000