Platforms & Programs

The WOC is committed to advancing the development and implementation of industry-driven solutions to ocean sustainable development challenges. To this end, the WOC is bringing together the diverse Ocean Business Community and participants from other ocean stakeholders, to collaborate through cross-sectoral “Ocean Platforms” focused on ocean sustainability, science and the challenges of ocean stewardship.

The WOC’s Platforms and Programs focus on the following areas, with active international, multi-industry and multi-stakeholders efforts underway for many of these issues:

  • Ocean Platforms

    A conceptual framework for all WOC activities has been defined. It helps understand the different aspects of the work of the WOC and structure its projects. The five building ocean […]
  • Program Focus

    The World Ocean Council develops programs to work on different specific topics at the core of Ocean Sustainable Development. Those programs focus on central issues and pressing realities which need […]