Emerging Issues

With the increased use and exploration of our ocean, new issues, risks and opportunities are emerging that may have material impact on ocean industry operations. The WOC monitors and reports on emerging issues to its Members in order to foster and facilitate cross-sectoral leadership and collaboration to address the underpinning marine environmental challenges.


Recognizing the needs of the Ocean Business Community, the WOC is exploring emerging issues that require global and cross sectoral leadership and collaboration.

In particular, the WOC is addressing the following Emerging Issues:

  • Marine ecosystem services
  • Ocean acidification
  • Blue carbon
  • Enhancing ocean uptake of CO2

You may have identified an Emerging Issue affecting the future of the ocean, its sustainable use, and development. Please contact us here with your suggestion.


The WOC facilitates the collaboration and exploration of industry driven solutions by the Ocean Business Community to Emerging Issues affecting the future of the ocean, its sustainable use, and development.

The WOC is working toward the following results through its Emerging Issues Focus:

  • Active monitoring and analysis of Emerging Issues for WOC Members
  • Growing cross sectoral industry leadership dialogue and collaboration on Emerging Issues

Relevant Events

The WOC also sponsored or participated in the following events on Emerging Issues affecting ocean sustainability and “Corporate Ocean Responsibility”: