The World Ocean Council brings together the multi-sector Ocean Business Community to catalyze global leadership and collaboration in ocean sustainability and “Corporate Ocean Responsibility”.

The WOC provides responsible companies from the Ocean Business Community the ability to collectively address cross-cutting ocean sustainable development challenges and shape the future of the ocean by engaging and working with other ocean stakeholders.


Bring together a responsible multi-sector Ocean Business Community

  • A vibrant international, cross-sectoral Ocean Business Community for leadership in sustainable development and access to ocean areas and resources by responsible companies.
  • Improved mutual understanding among ocean industry sectors, increased cross-sectoral dialogue, and reduced ocean use conflicts.
  • Collective industry support for, and participation in, improved ocean science and risk assessment.

Catalyse global leadership and collaboration in the Ocean Business Community

  • Operational ocean industry leadership alliances in priority geographic areas.
  • Cross-sectoral industry collaboration in practical, cost-effective, science-based solutions to marine environmental issues.
  • Enhanced environmental performance of ocean industries through continuous development and sharing of best practices and standards.

Engage and partner with non-Ocean Business Community stakeholders (policy makers, intergovernmental bodies, NGOs)

  • An Ocean Business Community well informed on ocean policy processes and constructively engaged with ocean stakeholders.
  • Coordinated interaction of the Ocean Business Community with non-ocean business stakeholders.
  • A proactive Ocean Business Community assisting policy makers in shaping the regulatory framework.


The private sector is the primary user of the ocean, which covers over 71% of the planet, and resources. As such, the Ocean Business Community has a vital role to play in ensuring the sustainable development of our oceans and coasts. Oceans and their resources are interconnected in complex ways, and tackling sustainability and “Corporate Ocean Responsibility” requires substantial and coordinated effort across industrial sectors. The WOC offers the Ocean Business Community the structure and process to collaborate on sustainable development and ensures that the policymakers and other stakeholders understand and engage with leadership companies from the Ocean Business Community.

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