1st World Congress on Maritime Heritage

March 13, 2019 - March 15, 2019

WOC CEO Paul Holthus attended the 1st World Congress on Maritime Heritage in Singapore on 13-15 March as Plenary Speaker.

The Panel Discussion regarding The Ocean as Pathway to Governance; using heritage to inform the Future addressed the following topics:

1)  Navies and Coast Guards around the Globe.  How are navies and Coast Guards preserving their heritage, and using that to communicate to issues of power projection and governance of the oceans today. 

2)  Ocean Governance:  Maritime Law, its heritage and impacts today

3)  Ocean Governance from a policy perspective:  From the time of Spain and Portugal dividing the world’s oceans, to today and in the future, how does heritage and history shape today’s challenges, and how can this be best communicated?

For details: https://wcmh2019.com/session/panel-discussion-on-the-ocean-as-a-pathway-to-governance/