Member Benefits

Reduced risks from tracking and participation in policy and decision making processes

The WOC monitors, analyzes and reports on policy developments affecting ocean industries, especially those which affect many stakeholders and those which are not sector-specific. WOC creates “early warning” to alert Members to the need and opportunity for providing timely information or involvement. This prevents Members from the need for reactive, defensive, confrontational actions. Early informed engagement helps avoid unbalanced, ill-informed, unworkable policy decisions and helps achieve “win-win” ocean sustainability solutions, based on science and educated stakeholders.

The WOC facilitates Member involvement in key national and international ocean policy and management fora and coordinates industry participation, as needed and appropriate.

Proactive, early mover actions to address environmental concerns

By equipping Members to act in advance of future regulations and societal demands, companies re able to gain first-mover reputation and mitigate the need for last minute responses to future regulations or “social license” needs.

Reduced risks through improved understanding of issues and relationships with stakeholders

We work with our Members to generate a better understanding of the marine environmental issues and processes important to other stakeholders and the public. Improved, transparent relations with stakeholders will reduce the possibility of unforeseen campaigns and negative publicity affecting business operations.

Economic benefits to collaboration in developing solutions to shared issues

The WOC fosters collective efforts to improve the science, research and development of solutions to issues affecting a range of industries. The synergies that can emerge have significant potential to create economies of scale, improve efficiency and leverage funds needed to address challenges to sustained ocean activities.

Long-term Profitability

By working in cohesion with the WOC to lead efforts in ensuring healthy and sustainable oceans, Members ensure the preservation and enhancement of the valuable business resources upon which they depend.

Competitive advantage of proactively addressing environmental impacts

Companies that act beyond, and in advance of future regulations and societal demands will gain first-mover advantages and mitigate the financial impact of responding to future regulations or “social license” needs. By having access to the global and cultural perspectives of the diverse membership, companies can make more informed decisions, especially when expanding into new territories

Increased credibility and recognition of industry actions on ocean sustainability

The WOC generates credibility, visibility and global presence for the marine environmental science, education and sustainability programs and activities we engage in. This gives industry the recognition and the ability to interact constructively with government and non-confrontationally with stakeholders.

Sharing of best practices in marine environmental responsibility

Companies and industries are able to learn from the experience and practices of other Member ocean industries in addressing environmental and social issues, stakeholder relations, partnerships, etc. This also increases Members’ profitability and public perception.

Altruist Opportunities

The WOC provides the platform for its Members to participate in the collection and sharing of data. Such altruistic efforts such as using resources to provide invaluable knowledge society, generates added goodwill for those companies involved.

Reduced user conflicts with other industries

WOC Members benefit from the opportunity to meet and interact with colleagues from other ocean industries on common environmental issues. Increased and improved relationships among ocean business sectors enhance the potential for inter-industry conflicts to be avoided or minimized.

Improved ocean industry education with the media and public

Members benefit from the WOC’s proactive outreach and communication to the public and media, providing factual and science-based information on positive industry efforts to address marine environmental issues, and on collective industry leadership to address environmental concerns.

Other specific Member benefits:

  • Access to all current and archived members-only news-bulletins and ocean policy reports
  • Direct access to WOC expertise and advisory services on ocean issues, stakeholders and policy developments
  • Access to “Members Only” content on the WOC website
  • Member logo and URL link on the WOC website home page and specific promotional material.
  • Reduced registration fee for the annual WOC “Sustainable Ocean Summit”
  • Direct participation in WOC platforms and projects
  • Direct participation in WOC forums and meetings, studies, and workshops
  • Receipt of WOC publications, documents and promotional materials
  • Opportunities to network with other WOC Members at the regional, national and international levels.
  • Business development opportunities for companies offering environmentally friendly goods and services relevant to ocean industries.

See the table below for a summary of how Corporations, Industry & Trade Associations, and Research, Academic and Scientific institutions benefit from active participation in the WOC alliance.

Benefits Corporate Members Industry & Trade Association Members Research, Academic, Scientific Institution Members
Promotion as an Organization Member in WOC News Releases
Logo placement and listing as Organization Member on WOC website and in publications
Access to “Members Only” Pages of WOC Website
Reduced registration fees for all the WOC events
Membership eligibility for WOC Board
Membership eligibility for WOC Committees