Ocean Governance and the Private Sector

The WOC is proud to release “Ocean Governance and the Private Sector”, a WOC ocean review and foresight document based on longstanding, continuing WOC work with and for the global ocean business community on Ocean Governance.

The report identifies gaps, solutions and opportunities for engaging the ocean business community in Ocean Governance in relation to the following opportunities and challenges:
• Industry Involvement In Ocean Governance Development
• Ocean Governance Based On Sector-By-Sector Approach
• Ocean Data And Monitoring
• Ocean Surveillance And Maritime Domain Awareness
• Cross-Sectoral And Cumulative Impacts To The Ocean
• Global Standards For Management Tools And Approaches In Support Of Ocean Governance
• Multiple UN And Intergovernmental Agencies And Processes Dealing With Ocean Governance
• Regional Institutions And Approaches To Ocean Governance
• New And Emerging Ocean Uses
• Ocean Geopolitical Challenges To Peace, Security And Stability

The WOC paper on “Ocean Governance and the Private Sector” reviews the major international ocean policy organizations and processes, the past and ongoing efforts for engaging the business community and priorities for the future, especially by the WOC in its role as the global, multi-industry organization on ocean sustainable development.

The WOC Ocean Governance paper also summarizes the size, complexity and trends in key sectors of the ocean economy, which are fundamental to understanding their importance to Ocean Governance.