Fred Meitz – Programme Manager, SMART Ocean-SMART Industries

Fred is WOC’s Associate for the SMART Ocean-SMART Industries Program which is focused on engaging industry leaders in collecting and sharing standardized oceanic and atmospheric data to better understand ocean, weather and climate conditions, improve ocean health and management, and enhance the safety and sustainability of commercial activities at seaFred brings to SO-SI over 40 years of broad industry experience with BP and Chevron. This experience includes the sponsoring and co-leadership of the Deep-ocean Environmental Long-term Observing System (DELOS) which was a consortium of industry and science. DELOS successfully installed two ocean observation platforms in 1400 M of water off the coast of West Africa which will provide valuable ocean data for 25 or more years.

Fred’s career has been very globally focused having traveled to 63 different countries and worked on projects for 37 different countries to date. He is skilled in working virtually across boundaries of all types including the leadership of numerous cross-company committees. He created and led a 1000-person global community of practice focused on virtual collaboration and knowledge sharing which successfully delivered a compelling business vision. Fred was twice named “Global Collaborator of the Year” for a Fortune 100 company. He has significant experience organizing and facilitating international, cross industry and science workshops focused on developing actionable output. He has been on the Board of Directors for two organizations and has led many corporate and community-wide campaigns. These skills and experience will help SO-SI facilitate closer collaboration between industry and science on improving global ocean observation.

Fred has an undergraduate degree in engineering from University of California, a mini-MBA degree from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Chicago, and has completed technology-related independent studies courses from MIT.

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