Omer Poroy – Associate, Ocean Technology

Omer brings over 25 years of ocean technology experience spanning the oceanographic, offshore energy and naval defense industries, with extensive background in maritime autonomy, subsea robotics, integrated ocean sensors, naval systems engineering and manufactured products.

Comfortable operating across startup to Fortune 100 environments in both domestic and international markets, he works with WOC and its affiliated organizations to explore and implement the application of technological advancements in maritime systems, sensors and autonomy to advance Corporate Ocean Responsibility in the ocean business community.

By focusing on strategic growth through the application of advanced technologies, Omer facilitates profitable top-line growth through data-driven insights, stakeholder engagement and excellence in execution. As a futuristic thinker who thrives at the intersection of emerging technologies and shifting market dynamics, Omer helps organizations bridge the gap to a sustainable Blue Economy footprint.

He is the principal advisor at Poroy Global Advisors, LLC. He received his MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management, and his BSc. & MSc. in Ocean Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology.

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