Lori Kennedy, Co-owner, LouisbourgSeafoods

Lori Kennedy has been the co-owner of Louisbourg Seafoods since the company was founded in 1984.  She is a former fisheries plant worker with a deep appreciation for the industry and a skillset derived from working in all facets of business operations. Mrs. Kennedy believes the knowledge and experience passed down from her ancestors, who have lived for hundreds of years in Newfoundland and St. Pierre & Miquelon, France, have informed her success. Valuing and respecting the ocean is an important lesson she has learned from them – a lesson all seafood companies should incorporate into their mission.

Mrs. Kennedy graduated from Cape Breton University Business Program with a major in Accounting, and recently completed the Women’s Leadership Forum at Harvard Business School.  She is an involved member of the Women’s Presidents Organization, a non-profit formed to improve business conditions for female entrepreneurs and promote the acceptance and advancement of female entrepreneurs in all industries. She is a senior representative of the Roundtable on Nova Scotia’s Manufacturing Executive Council and is involved in numerous international trade missions and panels concerning the east coast fishery of Atlantic Canada. In her home state of Nova Scotia Mrs. Kennedy is a respected community leader and philanthropist. She devotes much of her time to local and regional charities and sports organizations.

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