Mark KO, Executive Director, Tian San Shipping (Pte) Ltd.

Mark is responsible for the overall management of TSS and sets the strategic direction of the company. He works with the management to ensure the company’s targets are met. He leads the company’s drive towards long-term sustainability and technological integration.

He is co-founder of All Clear Future, @allclear__ a company set up to provide a sustainable solution to ocean pollution. @allclear__ is focused on educating the public on ocean pollution and provides business and consumers and avenue to participate in ocean clean up.

Mark is co-chair of Singapore’s Maritime and Port Authority Harbor Craft Safety Working Group and is a member of Singapore’s National Maritime Safety at Sea Council. He works closely with both MPA and industry to promote safe working practices and safety awareness in the port of Singapore.

He is a non-executive director of The Shipowners’ Mutual Protection
And Indemnity Association (Luxembourg), the world’s market leader of P&I insurance to smaller and specialist vessels.

Mark graduated Summa cum Laude from the University of San Francisco double majoring in Economics and Mathematics.

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