Isabella Glusauskaite – SMART Ocean – SMART Industries Programme Officer

Isabella’s journey with the World Ocean Council (WOC) began during the 2021 internship programme, where her profound interest in data collaboration led her to immerse herself in the SMART Ocean – SMART Industries (SO-SI) programme.

Drawing from her prior engagements in the maritime domain, Isabella had previously worked with the Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) Department of Marine Systems, contributing significantly to a pilot project in phytoplankton research. She earned her Master of Science in maritime archaeology from the University of Southampton, where she also honed her expertise in natural sciences. In addition, she served as a Junior Researcher specializing in maritime archaeology at the Estonian Maritime Museum. She also contributed her expertise in the latter position to various aspects of maritime archaeology beyond research, including organizing conferences, developing an introductory course on maritime archaeology at the University of Tartu, and providing input for the new permanent exhibition at the Seaplane Harbour.

Beyond her academic and research endeavours, Isabella has made indelible contributions to the sailing community in Estonia. As a seasoned sailing coach for dinghies and windsurfers, her mentorship propelled numerous students to excel in international championships, culminating in their participation in the prestigious 2021 Youth Sailing World Championships held in Oman. Additionally, Isabella’s dedication extended to her involvement in the Estonian Yacht Club Association’s Committee of Coaches and her tenure as a board member of the Estonian Windsurfing Association.

With a background encompassing scientific research, data collection, fieldwork, and data management, Isabella is working at WOC on the ocean and meteorological data collection and the SO-SI initiative. Her diverse skill set, and rich experiences exemplify her unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and promoting collaboration within the maritime industry.

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