WOC Convenes Ocean and Blue Carbon Removal Side Event at UN Ocean Conference

The World Ocean Council will host an official side event during the United Nations Ocean Conference, taking place June 27-July 1 in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Business of Ocean/Blue Carbon Removal

Building the Supply, Demand, Marketplace and Monitoring for Ocean Carbon Sequestration

30 June, 1:45-2:45 pm | One Sustainable Ocean Pavilion, Ocean Stage


Ocean and coastal ecosystems are, by far, the largest carbon sinks on Earth — they offer the best nature-based solutions for enhanced gigaton-scale carbon sequestration. Realizing this potential requires coordinated action on the business (supply), market (demand and marketplace) and monitoring (technology, data, reporting) of ocean carbon removal in order to enable investment.

Session Agenda

1. Supply

  • Create business association to facilitate/accelerate implementation
  • Develop best practices amd standards to ensure confidence

2. Demand

  • Develop blue/ocean carbon “buyers club” to support/scale market
  • Engage leading ocean industry companies (e.g., shipping, ports, dredging)
  • Engage sectors/companies with ocean connections (e.g., commodities)
  • Engage tech, data, cloud computing companies

3. Marketplace

  • Develop blue/ocean carbon trading exchange
  • Engage investors and create investment opportunities

4. Monitoring, Reporting, Verification (MRV)

  • Develop measurement systems, technologies, standards
  • Document amount, longevity, efficacy of ocean carbon sequestration
  • Verify, monitor and assure the absence of impacts to ocean ecosystem health