Peter Glazebrook – Associate, Australia

Peter is WOC’s Associate for Australia with its extensive coastlines with the Pacific, Indian and Southern Oceans.  With qualifications in both science (PhD, marine pollution) and law (Masters, international environment, health, criminal and humanitarian laws, Law of the Sea), his focus has always been on the value delivered to both communities and businesses when sound science informs regulatory developments.  This stewardship enables him to help facilitate the WOC mission in Australia.

A career in the minerals industry has provided him with many opportunities to input into the development and refinement of both national and international regulatory regimes. Examples of government collaborations include expert advisory input into Australia’s National Environment Protection Measures and internationally at the IMO (UN International Maritime Organisation, Australian Delegation) for the safe and environmentally-responsible transport of bulk minerals cargoes. Currently, he has an adjunct advisory role at the Sustainable Minerals Institute at the University of Queensland, Brisbane.

He holds that science, when communicated effectively, can help bridge the gap between businesses, government and communities by informing policy and regulatory developments, particularly through the measurement and management of real-world impacts and benefits, including in the marine environment. Such data will help communities build futures that are healthy, prosperous and sustainable.

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